Atribucións dos efectos de son empregados na creación dos ambientes sonoros de Gretel e Bela

Permission to panic? by jamesabdulrahman | License: Attribution

Nuclear Alarm by plasterbrain | License: Creative Commons 0

drumroll.wav by adriann | License: Creative Commons 0

NewWallSwitchOFF.wav by cbakos | License: Attribution

Car by Med Smart Car DonFX.wav by Donmann | License: Creative Commons 0

Car Drive Pass.flac by qubodup | License: Attribution

Carpassing.wav by mikaelfernstrom | License: Attribution

Drum Roll with Cymbals Crash.flac by qubodup | License: Attribution

Battle Horn by Porphyr | License: Attribution

Jules’ Musical Saw.aif by DJ Burnham | License: Attribution

Time Stretched Halo Drum by MusiChameleon | License: Creative Commons 0

Tibetan Singing Bowl. 577 Mercury with double Neptun (Version 3) by the_very_Real_Horst | License: Attribution

Tawny Owls 2.wav by Benboncan | License: Attribution

Forest at night, crickets, cicadas and insects in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve by felix.blume | License: Creative Commons 0

Police siren.mp3 by MultiMax2121 | License: Creative Commons 0

neon_light_02.wav by Glaneur de sons | License: Attribution

City ambience.wav by club sound | License: Creative Commons 0

Tires Squeaking.aif by RutgerMuller | License: Creative Commons 0

traffic horns city nervous busy.wav by klankbeeld | License: Attribution

Moving Light.mp3 by jamalboi101 | License: Attribution

Car Breaking Skid 01.wav by Iberian_Runa | License: Attribution

light_bulb_switch_on2_44_16.wav by Suz_Soundcreations | License: Attribution

neontube.wav by sepal | License: Attribution

RYTH_ambulance.WAV by stereodivo | License: Sampling+

Police is close.mp3 by thearxx08 | License: Creative Commons 0

Car Horns.WAV by inchadney | License: Attribution

Car_horn_long.wav by Adam_N | License: Creative Commons 0

MITSUBISHI IMIEV electric car HORN SHORT.wav by jakobthiesen | License: Attribution

Car Horn.wav by BeatsbyCasper | License: Creative Commons 0

frogs 150513_08.wav by klankbeeld | License: Attribution

amplitude rich.wav by cognito perceptu | License: Creative Commons 0

click2.wav by florian_reinke | License: Creative Commons 0

3bell low.wav by nalanthi | License: Sampling+

Music box 02.wav by LG | License: Attribution

Cuckoo Clock.wav by FunnyMan374 | License: Creative Commons 0

futuretrocomputing_10_suonho.wav by suonho | License: Attribution

robot step short medium-heavy.wav by keemocore | License: Attribution

l 20090405.clock.stereo.dry.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

Mechanical alarm clock is ticking (SLAVA).wav by ST303 | License: Creative Commons 0

machine5 by mitchelk | License: Creative Commons 0

Machine loop 16.wav by The Baron | License: Attribution

Machine loop 17.wav by The Baron | License: Attribution

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